SKIN BANK: Skin bank is here in Chhattisgarh, patients burnt by fire get new skin, this is how skin donation happens

SKIN BANK: Skin bank of the hospital to keep the donated skin safe in case of an accident, There is an arrangement. Every year about 70 lakh people in India get scorched due to fire and other reasons. Out of these, one and a half lakh people lose their lives. The reason for which is infection. There is a possibility of infection between one to three weeks after the skin is scorched. In this case, the patient needs to apply skin.

With the help of skin bank, the number of people dying in these cases can be reduced by up to 50 percent. Due to the lack of own skin in more than 80 percent of the burn patients, applying the skin obtained from the skin bank will increase their chances of survival. At present there are 16 skin banks in the country, where a person’s skin can be donated within six hours of death.

What is this skin bank

A skin bank is a bank where the skin of a dead person is preserved and used to heal other burned people. Skin can be donated in this bank within 6 hours of the person’s death. A skin bank has been set up at the Dau Kalyan Super Specialty Hospital in the capital Raipur. Chhattisgarh’s first skin bank SAIL’s first skin bank started in August 2022 in the Advanced Burn Care Department of Sector-9 Hospital of Bhilai Steel Plant.

Treatment of 2 patients with 1 person’s skin

Although the skin of any dead person can be donated, but the skin of children below 18 years of age and elders above 80 years will not be accepted. Skin can be donated from dead persons within six hours of death. But the skin of those infected with HIV, Hepatitis B, C, skin cancer and other serious diseases will not be donated.

One person’s skin donation can save the lives of two burn patients. Skin is donated from both the thighs of the deceased, after processing it can be preserved for 4 to 5 years. Which can be applied to anyone, for this there is no need to match the blood group or human leukocyte antigen of the donor and the receiver.

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