Smriti Zubin Irani Cabinet Minister Rejected Pan Masala Advertisement Offer Revealed Reason

Smriti Irani Rejected Pan Masala Ads: Union Minister Smriti Irani is currently carrying out the responsibility of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the country. But before that he earned a lot of name in the world of TV. From ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi TV Serial’, she gained popularity from house to house by the name of ‘Tulsi’. Recently, Smriti Irani has revealed that during her acting career, she was offered Pan Masala advertisements many times but the actress did not accept them.

In an interview given to YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia, Smriti Irani told that when she got married, she had absolutely no money. He had taken a loan from the bank to buy a house. Union Minister said- ‘I remember when I started my journey, I had zero balance… I was newly married and I didn’t even have 20-30 thousand rupees in my bank account and I had to buy a house. Borrowed money from the bank for…’

The offer was 10 times more than the bank loan
Smriti Irani tells that she had taken a loan of about 25-27 lakh rupees for the house and it was very difficult for her to repay this loan. During this, he got an offer to do “Pan Masala Advertisement”. Although he rejected her. The Union Minister says, ‘I remember one day someone came to my set and offered me a pan masala ad….the money was exactly ten times my bank balance…I didn’t accept the ad’ Did… People looked at me as if I had gone absolutely mad, they were saying, ‘You are mad, you need money…’

This was the reason for rejecting pan masala
Smriti Irani also gave the reason for rejecting the advertisement of pan masala. He said, ‘I knew I was being watched by the family, the youth were watching, and I felt that someone is making them feel that you are part of the family and suddenly you are selling pan masala, so I honestly said No…’

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