Smuggling in film style in CG: Police arrested smugglers who were bringing drug consignment from Odisha, knowing the way of smuggling ganja, your head will also be shocked …

Raipur. The capital police has taken major action against drugs during the awareness campaign “Hello Zindagi”. Police has arrested a total of 3 smugglers including 1 interstate female accused with ganja and pistol. The accused used a film stunt to carry out the smuggling incident, which was foiled by the police team.

Tell that, 3 accused, including 1 woman, have been caught by the police while smuggling ganja from Odisha to Raipur, near Paragaon Mode under police station Arang area. 8 kg 500 grams of ganja has been seized from the possession of the accused. At the same time, the vehicle and pistol being used in smuggling have also been seized.

According to the information, the vicious smugglers were hiding ganja in the duster vehicle’s engine in a cunning way, whose plan was foiled by the police. The value of the hemp and vehicle seized from the possession of the accused is being estimated at Rs 5 lakh. Along with this, action is being taken by registering a case against the accused. In the same case, the police have arrested Amit Kumar Sahu, Rajesh Sahu resident of Raipur and Kalpana Bagh resident of Raja Khariar Police Station Raja Khariar Odisha near Laxmi Nagar Tiger College.

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