Special conversation with the first woman director of Chhattisgarh, ‘Zero Banhi Hero’ will be released on June 30, started her career with ‘Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi’

Raipur. The way we start taking care of the child from the womb itself. From eating to getting up to sleeping, they change the whole routine. Film making is just like this. In nine months the child comes into the world, similarly the film is prepared in a certain time and comes in front of the audience. My hard work is still going on, the audience has to decide. This has been said by Bharti Verma, the first woman director of Chhattisgarh. She was discussing about her upcoming film Zero Banhi Hero. The film will hit the screens on June 30.

time management big challenge

Being a woman, the problem is more in new times. You have to see the house too, the children too, when the film is shot, we have to work in post production. For this, attention has to be paid from editing to background music and dubbing. Many times it takes whole day and midnight while doing these work with experts. But what to do, work has to be done, time management is the biggest challenge.

with good work comes responsibility

I started my film career as a producer with “Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi”. The film got good success. When your work is liked then your responsibility increases further. People expect better from you than your previous work. That’s why I have taken the story of a common man in Zero Banhi Hero. Because every person becomes a hero from zero, there is a struggle hidden behind the success.

He will be seen in the film

Man Qureshi-Bhumika Das, Kisan Sen-Poonam Sahu, Puran Kiri, Anjali Chauhan, Ajay Patel, R Master-Manisha Verma, Vikram Raj, Neeraj Uke, Nakul Mahalwar, Naval Das Manikpuri, Anusuiya Manikpuri, Rakhi Singh, Shalu, Vinayak Agarwal .

music, singer

Lyrics – Vishnu Kothari, Music – Tarun Shyam, Music arranger Praful Bahra, Singers – Sunil Soni, Nmami Dutt, Bobby Anusuiya RJ.

behind the scenes

Producer and Director Bharti Verma, Cinematographer and Project Designer Siddharth Singh, Creative Director Adish Kashyap, Associate Director Pankaj Yadav, Assistant Directors Lata Tiwari and Anunay Sharma. Art director Arun Yadav. BGM- Somdutt Panda, Action- Madhu Anna Hyderabad, Choreographer- MK Gupta Jai ​​Mumbai, Nandu Tandi, Chandan Deep. Makeup- Sameer Mumbai. Light- Babu Bhai. Poster Designer Nayak Studio Odisha, Steel Photographer Prem Nishad.

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