Special: Got rid of hefty fees and expensive medicines, improved life with better health facilities

Whenever we fall ill, the hefty fees of the hospital doctor and a long list of expensive medicines start appearing in our mind. Now in such a situation, it becomes difficult for the weaker sections like poor laborers, farmers to get treatment. Because in order to save lives, they spend their hard-earned money on expensive treatment, in such a difficult situation, Bhupesh Sarkar’s Dr. Khoobchand Baghel Health Assistance Scheme has become a great support for the needy patients to help the weaker sections.

A total of 13 thousand 672 beneficiaries of the district have taken the facility of free treatment worth Rs 13.78 crore from different hospitals. People of remote Vananchal area of ​​Jashpur district are also getting the benefit of better health facilities. So far 6 lakh 94 thousand 355 cards have been made in the districts. The District Project Coordinator of Ayushman Bharat told that Ayushman cards are being made on priority for those left out by setting up camps in villages of remote areas.

68 thousand 373 cards have been made in Kansabel development block, 80 thousand 886 cards in Kunkuri development block, 43 thousand 416 cards in Duldula development block, 92 thousand 459 Ayushman cards in Farsabahar development block. Similarly, 77 thousand 378 cards have been made in Jashpur development block, 1 lakh 53 thousand 191 cards in Pathalgaon development block, 1 lakh 31 thousand 85 cards in Bagicha development block, 47 thousand 567 cards in Manora development block.

solution with diagnosis

Monitoring of each and every village is being done by the CSC manager after diagnosing the technical problems faced in card making. Along with this, Ayushman cards are also being made by going door to door. It is notable that free medical facility can be availed up to 5 lakh from Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and up to 50 thousand from Dr. Khubchand Baghel Health Assistance Scheme. Along with this, there is a provision of assistance from Ayushman up to Rs 20 lakh for the treatment of specially identified diseases.

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