Special: Luck shines from poultry farming, women engaged in employment through Ripa, strong income from eggs

Chhattisgarh government’s intention of providing employment seems to be getting fulfilled. The youth and women of the state are getting work. Due to which they are becoming self-sufficient. In this episode, avenues of employment have opened up for women in Bastar region as well. Rural women have started poultry farming keeping in view the demand for eggs in the surrounding villages. Women self-help groups are selling eggs in Ripa made in Mendoli village of Bastar district. Eggs are being supplied by the group to nutrition centers, hostels, potakabins, army camps and local markets of the district. Due to this women groups are getting good income.

Growing children require a variety of nutrients. This can be accomplished through diet. Protein, iron, vitamin-A, vitamin-B are found in plenty in eggs. In such a situation, consuming eggs helps in nourishing the body. Small children eat eggs with great enthusiasm. Eggs are being given in schools and Anganwadis to nourish the children of remote Vananchal area.

Got employment from Ripa

In order to provide employment to rural women in the Mahatma Gandhi Industrial Park built in the Gauthans of village Mendoli, many economic activities like vermi compost, pisciculture, poultry farming are being conducted. Poultry farming is being done by the women’s group along with the women of the local Yuva Mitan Club.

Self-help groups and Mitan Club are taking care together

Poultry of advanced species are being reared by Krishna group. The group consists of 5 female and 5 young Mitan members. The women of the group work in turn to take care of the poultry. The group is selling 2500 pieces of eggs from March-2023. The women of the group are associated with the work of making button mushrooms, cow dung, vermicompost.

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