Special- Multiactive Gauthan is spitting gold: Sisters of the group are growing potatoes, tomatoes, brinjal and okra, Dhankuber Gauthan is spread over 38 acres, know how the problems are being diagnosed in Tilai

Feature Story. Vegetable cultivation in Chhattisgarh is no less than a boon for women. Spread over 38 acres, there is a lot of happiness in the multifunctional Gauthan. The sisters of the group are becoming wealthy by cultivating potatoes, tomatoes, brinjals and okra. Their problems are going away after getting employment. The sisters of the group are taking steps towards better self-employment. Just say that the multifunctional Gothan is spewing gold. Spread over 38 acres, Gothan is no less than a Dhankuber.

Getting new life from multiactivity work

Multiactivity work is being done in Gram Panchayat Tilai of Akaltara development block of Janjgir Champa district. This multifunctional Gauthan is spread over 38 acres. Where the sisters of the self-help group are producing plenty of vegetables. The women of the group are moving forward towards better self-employment by working hard and strengthening the economic condition of themselves and their families.

The doors of prosperity open from the work of vegetable garden

Under the multiactivity work by the district administration and the concerned department, the work of vegetable garden has been started by motivating the women of self-help groups in Tilai’s Gothan, in which the women of Durga self-help group are doing the work of vegetable production in Gothan with full dedication. Have been The president of this group is Krishna Kaushik and the secretary is Rambai Kaushik.

farming using organic fertilizers

The women of the group told that in this season they have planted potatoes, tomatoes, brinjals, okra, coriander, and along with this they are also using organic fertilizers in crop production taking special care of their health. She told that she has been doing vegetable production for the last two years and has earned a profit of Rs 61,000 by cultivating onions, tomatoes, potatoes and brinjals in the last season.

Cultivation of okra, brinjal, tomato and potato

He told that like last year, this year also he has cultivated okra, brinjal, tomato and potato, through which so far tomato 16 quintals, potato 4 quintals, brinjal 11 quintals, okra 30 kg and cauliflower 25 kg have been harvested. Is. Along with this, the production of chillies is going on. Onion crop will also be taken in the next few days.

Women of the group selling vegetables in Haat Bazar as well

The hard work of the women of the group is paying off and due to the healthy and nutritious nature of the vegetables planted by them, most of the people of the surrounding villages are buying vegetables from them. At the same time, the women of the group are also selling vegetables in the nearby haat market, due to which they are getting better income.

270 plants of brinjal were planted

270 saplings of grafted brinjal have been planted by the group in Gauthan, due to which brinjal is being produced in abundance. Its specialty is that it does not get wilt disease and first crop can be obtained from it in 45 days only.

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