Special: The infrastructure is ready in the state for archery, talents like Eklavya are getting Drona-like gurus through academies

Everyone knows the story of Eklavya. How Eklavya made an idol of Guru Dronacharya and practiced archery by keeping it in front of him due to not having a guru. Similarly, Chhattisgarh did not have an academy till a few years ago to nurture talents like Eklavya. There were neither institutes nor gurus like Drona. But now, under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the Chhattisgarh government has started an initiative to create sports infrastructure. Due to which the path of sports has become easier for thousands of talented youth like Eklavya. In the context of India, a large number of talents from tribal areas in archery competitions have increased the name of India in the international platform. Now there was a need to take this skill further.

Bhupesh Sarkar has specially prepared infrastructure for archery. In view of the good performance of the players of Chhattisgarh in the state level competitions, arrangements were made to develop their talent afresh. Archery academy was started in Bahtarai of Bilaspur. Being a residential academy, most of the day is spent in practice and this center has become a ‘Centre of Excellence’. The players here did wonders in the Khelo India competition. Kuber Jagat got the gold medal and Geeta Yadav won the silver medal.

Archery experts say that along with concentration, visual balance and physical balance are important for archery. Coaching helps a lot in how to achieve a better goal by keeping physical balance. Along with this, nutrition is also very important. In Raipur Archery Academy, a post of nutritionist has been specially created for this. Along with this, there is a training facility for 54 players in the Shivtarai sub-centre. A non-residential archery academy has been set up in Raipur. There is a system of training for 60 players.

The state government is constantly making efforts to enhance the talents in archery. The Chief Minister announced to start Shaheed Gundadhur Archery Academy in Jagdalpur. This 40 seater academy will be completely residential. Through this, 40 players will be able to get training. Archery Academy 30 seater is proposed in Jashpur. This too will be completely residential.

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