Special: Vananchal is getting healthy due to getting resources and facilities, Sanjeevani made for special new born care unit babies, now the screams of infants are echoing

The picture of the state of Chhattisgarh has now started changing. The concept of Nava Chhattisgarh seems to be coming true in every field. Be it health, education, employment, development, sports, tourism, industry, agriculture or any other field, Chhattisgarh is showing prosperity everywhere. All this has become possible due to the public welfare schemes of Bhupesh Sarkar and his successful efforts. A few years ago, neither specialist doctors were available in Bijapur for the treatment of newborns, nor were there facilities like the Special New Born Care Unit. But this has become a thing of the past. Now the Special New Born Care Unit operated in the Mother-Child Hospital of the District Hospital has become a lifeline for thousands of children. Today the baby’s tinnitus has been made safe by the hands of specialist doctors. Necessary equipment and all facilities are available in the unit, which is proving to be a boon for this remote tribal area.

Moti Korsa gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Mother-Child Hospital ‘Utsav’ of District Hospital Bijapur. But after birth the child neither cried nor was breathing. Due to lack of oxygen in the brain of the newborn, he was also having tremors. In view of the situation, the newborn child was shifted to the Special New Born Care Unit. Where SNCU in-charge Dr. Mangesh and pediatrician Dr. Neha started his treatment. After 3 days of keeping the newborn on the ventilator, his health improved and the baby started breathing on its own. The infant was kept in the SNCU for the next 12 days and was discharged on June 18 after complete recovery. The newborn baby’s breathing returned only due to the facility of ventilator available in SNCU and expert doctors.

Baby recovered due to availability of resources

A baby was born on 26 April 2023 in Mother-Child Hospital of District Hospital, Bijapur. Due to being premature, the weight of the child was only 01 kg at the time of birth and due to weak lungs, he was having difficulty in breathing. In the Special New Born Care Unit, Dr. Mangesh Maske incubated the baby and put it on ventilator. The baby was treated for about 10 days, due to which its weight increased to 1.53 kg. After recovering, the baby was also discharged on 6th May.

resounding screams

There was a time in Bijapur, the farthest end district of Chhattisgarh, when even specialist doctors were not available and there was a lack of better health infrastructure. For treatment, the people of the region had to go from Jagdalpur to big cities. But now the situation has changed. With the availability of state-of-the-art health infrastructure and specialist doctors in the district hospital, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases has become easier. In Utsav (Mother-Child Hospital), the screams of infants are resounding. At the same time, patients of other diseases are also getting relief from their problems.

Today the picture of health facilities has changed in Bijapur. Along with treatment in the hospital, medical facilities are now reaching people’s localities through health camps. Amidst all the challenges, due to the intention of the government and the vitality of the people of Bijapur, now better health facilities are being provided to the remote areas.

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