Special- Vermi compost bag became a source of income: Women in Gothans

Feature Story. This smile is spreading on the face, it has not come from anywhere else, but from Gothans. The happiness that is showering among women is the result of government schemes and hard work. These women are buying vermi compost bags in Gothans and C-Mart. They are getting orders continuously. Vermi compost bags have become a source of income: Women are getting employment through Gothans. Women are also preparing bags to save the environment. Women are getting orders continuously, business is growing rapidly. Smiles are spreading on the faces of women under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Park (RIPA) in the state.

Plastic becoming a threat to the environment

Actually, plastic is a huge threat to the environment. Single-use plastic has been banned so that there is no pollution due to plastic and it does not harm humans and cattle. Due to this ban, a new means of employment has become available to rural women through Gothans. Women self-help groups in Gothans are now preparing bags from vermicompost, which is protecting the environment as an alternative to single-use plastic. Income is also being earned from this.

women of the employment group

Under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Park (RIPA), standard form vermicompost bag manufacturing enterprises are being set up in the state. A machine is being set up for this, which is helping the women of the group to increase their income. The women of this employment group are now leading the way in making alternative products like vermi compost bags, bags, paper envelopes and other items to prevent the use of non-standard plastic.

Rural women of Birkoni Gauthan are earning

On the same lines, women’s groups are providing alternative materials at cheap rates to effectively ban non-standard plastic. In this sequence, rural women of Birkoni Gauthan of Mahasamund district are manufacturing bags named Sirpur Vermi Compost.

Action plan to link groups with employment

An action plan has been made by the state government to connect women groups with employment through RIPA under the No Plastic campaign. Vermicompost bags and other packing material made by Ram Janki self-help women’s group of Birkoni are becoming available in Gothans and C-Mart as per requirement.

Purchase of 5 thousand vermi compost bags

Rekha Nagpure of Ram Janaki self-help group Birkoni told that till now she has made 5 thousand vermi compost bags available in the Gothans of the district as per the demand and she is getting more orders continuously. According to the president of the group, this bag conforms to the standard and being very light and strong, it is easy to carry due to which it is in high demand.

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