Special: Youth got support from unemployment allowance, now the financial condition of the house is not coming in the way of studies, preparation for competitive examinations has become easier

It often happens that financial constraints become an obstacle in the studies of the students. Because of which they cannot reach their destination. But now youth in Chhattisgarh are doing their studies without any worry. Preparing for competitive exams. In which Bhupesh Sarkar’s unemployment allowance scheme became a strength for the youth.

If the economic condition of the house is not stable, then it is not easy for any participant to bear the expenses of preparing for competitive exams. Because of this, many youths start doing some work to meet the daily expenses of the house. In today’s era where one has to go through tough competition to get jobs. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to prepare for competitive exams while doing some work for the needs of your home.

Difficulties made easy

The unemployment allowance scheme started on the initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has eased the difficulties of many such youths. Through this scheme, unemployed youth are being given Rs 2,500 every month. Expressing their happiness, the youth getting unemployment allowance say that this scheme is no less than a boon for them. Now they will get full time to fulfill their dreams.

Now economic condition is not coming in the way of studies

Meenu Chaurasia, a resident of Gram Panchayat Chainpur of Manendragarh development block, who is preparing for competitive exams, says that her father works in the hotel business and the financial condition of her family is not good. Earlier, he used to face a lot of financial problems for books, stationery and other necessities required to appear in the examination. But getting unemployment allowance is helping them a lot in filling book, copy, pen and exam form. He has also done net recharge for studying in YouTube.

Like Meenu Chaurasia, Subhadra Minj and Stella Lakda, who live in Ambikapur, are studying in rented accommodation. Getting unemployment allowance is helping a lot in filling books, copy, pen, competitive books and exam forms. He said that now we do not have to depend financially on our relatives. Similarly, Umesh Chaudhary, a resident of Lakhanpur, said that he is using the unemployment allowance to buy study materials according to his needs, so that he is not facing any problem in his studies.

new ray of hope

Korba resident Rajalakshmi Rathore’s father, who is preparing for competitive exams after completing MSc Biotechnology, is a stamp vendor. Whose income is very less. Due to this, he was facing many difficulties in preparing for the exam. Rajalakshmi says that a new ray of hope has arisen among the poor and unemployed youth for the preparation of government jobs after the Chhattisgarh government started the Unemployment Allowance Scheme. Similarly, be it Shubhashish from Rampur or Gayatri Dubey, Lokesh Sahu, Heera Kumari Mahilaang, Ajay Manhar, Bhisham Jangde, Chandra Vijay Dubey or lakhs of youths like them from other areas of Chhattisgarh, unemployment allowance has become a support for them.

Under the unemployment allowance scheme, so far a total amount of Rs 48 crore 89 lakh 87 thousand 500 has been transferred to the accounts of one lakh 5 thousand 395 youths as first and second installment. When the youth are applying for unemployment allowance, then they are also being given the option for training. So that they can be trained for job or business. Till now skill training of 1701 youth has started in 33 institutions including Livelihood College.

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