Steve Smith Recalls His Concussion Incident Off Jofra Archer’s Bowling

Steve Smith Recalls His Concussion Incident: Steve Smith, the former captain of the Australian team and the best batsman of the present time, got to see the best performance in the 2019 Ashes series. During this series, Smith had also become a victim of concussion after being hit on the head at the time of batting. When Smith was hit by Joffra Archer’s ball, he had passed all the concussion tests at that time. But later he felt a problem about which now Smith has told about his situation.

Jofra Archer made his debut for the England team in the Lord’s Test match. During this, Australian batsmen were seen struggling in front of his fast pace. Meanwhile, a short pitch ball from Archer went straight on Smith’s head. After this Smith’s concussion test was done which he passed and then started batting. But on the score of 92, Chris Woakes got Smith out LBW in this innings.

Now, while talking on the Legend Ashes podcast, Smith said that it was a very difficult time for me at that time. Some balls hit my hand, but some I tried to play a pull shot, which luckily went towards the gap. But then a ball hit my head. At that time I did not feel the condition of concussion. I left at the same time and passed all the tests till I came back to bat. After about half an hour I felt that I had consumed dozens of beers. My head was spinning very fast.

Had to be ruled out of a test match due to concussion

Steve Smith had to stay out in the Headingley Test in that Test series due to concussion. After this, in the Manchester Test match, Smith returned and played excellent innings of 211 and 82 runs. Smith played in 4 matches in that Test series and scored 774 runs with an average of over 100.

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