Stone crusher accident in MP: worker burnt to death due to fire in Poklen machine, operator injured, operator’s negligence

Pushpalesh Dwivedi, Singrauli. A fire broke out in a poklen machine working in a stone crusher in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. In this incident, a laborer died a painful death due to burns. The driver has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

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The incident pertains to the Raj stone crusher operated in Gaderia of Bargawan police station. Here suddenly a fire broke out in the Poklen machine. Due to which the Poklen machine operator and a laborer were badly burnt. The crusher operator, without informing his family and the police, admitted both of them to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Rewa, where the laborer died during treatment. At the same time, the treatment of Poklen machine operator is going on. His condition is said to be serious.

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