Strange hobby: Baraati came out with 11 coolers, video viral

Hemant Sharma, Indore. Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is also amazing and the people living here do something for their convenience, which becomes an example for them. It is said that there is nothing bigger than a hobby. In this episode, a wedding ceremony procession took place in Indore on 7th May where the bridegroom was on a mare and baraatis were dancing on the streets, a unique way was found for the people (baraatis) to save themselves from the heat. Some people were walking around with 11 coolers in the procession so that people could be saved from the heat. The video of cooler walking with the procession has become quite viral on social media.

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This was the wedding procession of Sudhanshu Raghuvanshi, a hotel businessman. On May 7, their marriage was going on in Indore. Bana had left from Imli Bazar to Rambagh, where some people were walking with coolers in Bana. He had arranged for a cooler so that people do not have any problem in singing and dancing. Everyone was walking with 11 coolers and everyone was dancing merrily with musical instruments. The video of this procession has become very viral on social media. People were seen saying that there is nothing greater than a hobby. What people do not do to fulfill their hobby. A hallmark of this was seen in the city of Indore.

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