Suniel Shetty On Rising Tomato Prices Actor Says It Has Affected Our Kitchen Mana Shetty

Suniel Shetty On Rising Tomato Prices: While every common man in India is worried about the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes, Bollywood stars are also not untouched by it. Sunil Shetty has disclosed this in a recent interview. The rising prices of tomatoes have also affected their kitchen.

He told that due to these prices, his kitchen has also been affected. Actually Sunil Shetty is the owner of many restaurants. Along with this, Sunil also cultivates fruits and vegetables at his farm house located in Khandala. Even in such a situation, the rising prices of tomatoes are affecting them a lot. Recently, he has told his objection regarding this.

Sunil Shetty has started eating less tomatoes
In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Sunil told that his wife Mana Shetty buys fruits or vegetables for a day or two for fresh fruits and vegetables. In such a situation, the rising prices of tomatoes have had a significant impact on their kitchen as well. He told, ‘We believe in eating freshly grown things. The prices of tomatoes are skyrocketing these days and it has affected our kitchen as well. Nowadays I eat less tomatoes. People may think that because I am a superstar, these things will not affect me, but this is not true, we have to deal with such issues as well.

Like common people, Sunil Shetty is also worried about the rising prices of tomatoes.
Suniel Shetty reveals about buying fruits and vegetables from the app, ‘I order from the app, but not because it’s cheaper, but because they sell fresh stuff… I also own a restaurant’ And I have always bargained for good prices, but due to the rising prices of tomatoes, like everyone else, I too have to compromise on taste and quality.’

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