Sunil Grover Has No Work To Do Here Is Sun Flower Series Actor Roasting Corns These Days Watch Video

Sunil Grover Viral Video: Sunil Grover’s fans take a lot of interest in his life. In such a situation, the fans want to know what he is doing in his life these days, although soon Sunil Grover will be seen in superstar Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’.

Where is Sunil Grover and what is he doing?

Actually, Sunil Grover is roasting corn these days. Can’t believe it, we are telling you what we have seen with our eyes. You can also see if you want. A video has surfaced on social media in which Sunil Grover is seen setting up a hawker. There are fruits as well as cuticles in this street. There is also a stove for roasting corn. Just in this chulha, Sunil Grover was seen roasting corn with a lot of heart. In the video, Sunil Grover is seen sitting with a towel on his head, kneeling and roasting corn and fanning it. Sharing this video, Sunil Grover wrote in the caption – I am looking for a new mission.

Sunil’s video is getting such a reaction from the fans

Sunil Grover’s fans are reacting fiercely on this video. His fans were seen saying that what are you doing, you are roasting corn. So someone said where are you these days. One asked brother, when will you come with a new project, you are waiting on TV, then someone said to Sunil – Sir, tired of waiting for you, now come on Kapil Sharma’s show. There were many people who were seen asking Sunil to return on Kapil’s show. That means the fans are missing Sunil a lot in Kapil’s show. Regarding Sunil, a fan said – If you don’t like it, don’t come on Kapil’s show, but at least share your video on YouTube.

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