Sunil Lehri Donated His Father Dead Body After His Death To The Hospital Here Is Ramayana Actor Revealed

Sunil Lehri Donates His Father’s Dead Body: In Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, actor Sunil Lahiri, who still rules the hearts of all the audience as Laxman, the younger brother of Shriramchandra, is a very kind hearted personality. After working in Ramayana, he found many changes in his life, which he still follows. Sunil had once told that after his father’s death, he had donated his father’s body. Let’s know what was the reason?

Sunil Lahiri’s father was a doctor, this was his last wish

Sunil Lahiri had told that his father Dr. Shikhar Chandra Lahiri was a doctor by profession. At the same time, before his death, he had said that when he dies, after that his dead body should be donated to the hospital. He wanted his body to be kept in front of the medical students so that they could practically understand their studies. He had expressed this wish 10 years before his death.

Sunil donated his father’s body to the hospital

Sunil Lahiri had told that his father was a professor in the hospital, so he understood very well the problems faced by the students during their studies and the things which were lacking. In such a situation, he had taken this decision. Sunil Lahiri handed over the father’s body to the forensic department of JK Medical College, Bhopal. Sunil had told that his father’s nature was very soft, he used to think about people, in such a situation he used to participate in many social activities.

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