Sunny Leone Come Back After 12 Years In Bigg Boss Show Salman Khan BB Reality Show Was The Turning Point In Her Career

Sunny Leone Come Back On Bigg Boss: Actress Sunny Leone, who attracted the attention of the audience from the TV show Bigg Boss 5, is now preparing to return to Salman Khan’s show once again. The only difference is that last time the actress was seen in Bigg Boss TV show. At the same time, there will be Sunny’s entry in the OTT web show. But this time Sunny will appear in the show as a contestant or will she be seen hosting with Salman?

This is how Sunny Leone’s luck shone

Sunny Leone’s name has also been associated with Bigg Boss OTT 2. The glamorous diva Sunny Leone started her career with Bigg Boss season 5. It was through this show of Salman Khan that he got his first break in Bollywood. In season 5 of Bigg Boss, everyone was flat on seeing the actress’ performance. At the same time, millions of people became crazy about Sunny’s dance. In such a situation, a big director of Bollywood also caught sight of him, after which Sunny’s fortunes brightened.

Mahesh Bhatt was very impressed with Sunny Leone

When the Bigg Boss season 5 show was going on on TV, Mahesh Bhatt got so excited to see Sunny Leone that he went to see Sunny Leone with his own eyes in the middle of the show. As soon as he came inside the house, his attention was only on Sunny. After this he gave Sunny a chance to work in one of his films. When Mahesh Bhatt offered a project to Sunny Leone, she was shocked with happiness. Mahesh Bhatt offered him the film Jism 2. After this Sunny worked in the film Jism 2. Although the film did not do much. But this film marked Sunny’s entry in Bollywood.

What will Sunny Leone do in Salman’s show?

Now Sunny Leone is going to return to the set of Bigg Boss again, so will this show prove to be the second turning point of her career for Sunny this time too? It would be very interesting to know this. What will Sunny do in this show? Fans are excited to know this. In such a situation, the actress told that for her returning to this show is like returning home. According to Pinkvilla, Sunny said- ‘It is just like I am returning home. I have a lot of memories attached to this place. This is the place from where the turning point in my career came. I have been following this show very closely. Now I am also ready to take it to the next level. So you wait now and see that this time the season will be even more sunny.

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