Superstition took the life of a teenager VIDEO: After snake bite, family members took to hospital, exorcism went on there for two hours, doctors and staff remained mute spectators

Harshraj Gupta, Khargone. A 17-year-old girl died of snakebite in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. After the snake bite, the relatives took the girl to the hospital, but instead of giving priority to the treatment in the hospital, they kept on exorcising her for two hours. As a result, the condition of the snakebite girl kept on deteriorating, for which she had to pay with her life. The video of the incident is also going viral.

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In the video which is going viral, it can be clearly seen that the girl is sitting on the bed in the hospital, while an exorcist is seen doing the exorcism. This drama went on for about two hours, the surprising thing is that instead of stopping the exorcist, the doctors and the hospital staff remained mute spectators. When the condition worsened, the girl was referred to the district hospital, but she died on the way.

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According to the information received, a 17-year-old girl Asha’s father Raju, a resident of Indira Nagar Colony of Jhirnya police station area, about 70 km from Khargone district headquarters, was bitten by a snake in the morning. When the relatives saw him, they immediately took him to the Community Health Center of Jhirnya. Here, after first aid, the family members of the girl called an exorcist. Ojha started exorcism on the hospital bed itself.

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The game of exorcism went on in the government hospital for about 2 hours. The hospital administration did not stop the exorcist and neither the girl was referred to Khargone district hospital. But by then it was too late, the girl died on the way. When the relatives reached the district hospital with the girl, the doctors here declared her dead.

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