Surprise inspection of electrical substation: Energy Minister took stock of the city’s electrical system late at night, reprimanded the officers after seeing bad cables

Karn Mishra, Gwalior. Energy Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government Pradyuman Singh Tomar conducted a surprise inspection of the power system. During this, he took stock of the electrical system in the city. Seeing the bad cables, the minister reprimanded the officials of the Electricity Department. At the same time, after reaching the houses of the people, he also inquired about the electricity.

Energy Minister Pradyuman Tomar reached the DD Nagar Sub Station of the former assembly of Gwalior late on Friday night. Where he saw the system. Seeing the bad cables, the minister reprimanded the officials of the electricity department. Also inquired about the door-to-door access electricity system to the local residents of Shatabdi Puram. The local people have expressed satisfaction.

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Praising the local residents, they said that they have seen such a first minister of the state who is worrying about the electricity system by going door-to-door. BJP district president Abhay Chowdhary, local councilor and BJP leaders were present during this inspection by Energy Minister.

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