Swiggy cheated many restaurants in Raipur, the operator of Girnar restaurant reached the police station … Many restaurants are preparing to complain

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. A case of cheating by Swiggy (Bundl Technologies Private Limited), which takes food from hotels to home delivery, has come to the fore. The operator of Girnar Restaurant in the capital Raipur has complained about this whole matter to the Maudhapara police station.

According to the sources, such fraud has been done by Swiggy from all the restaurant operators of the capital Raipur and all those operators are now preparing to file complaint and FIR against the company in their police station one after the other.

According to the complaint submitted to the police with Lalluram.com, according to the complaint filed by the operator of Girnar restaurant with the police, the commission deal between Swiggy and the restaurant was different, but the company forged a second agreement In which 21% commission was being deducted.

When the restaurant operator calculated it, he came to know about this. After which this whole matter reached the Hotel Association and all the hotel operators investigated it, then almost all such frauds have been reported. However, till now only the operator of Girnar Hotel has complained to the police in this matter. In the complaint, Anand Daniel, Lakshminandan Reddy, Lauren Charles, Sriharsha Majety, Sumer Juneja, Sahil Baruva have been named who are said to be holding high positions in Bundl Technologies Private Limited.

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