Tabassum Birth Anniversary: ​​Tabassum started acting at the age of 3, this is how Johnny Lever’s life was made

Tabassum Unknown Facts: At the age when children are not able to speak properly, at that time she started showing her performance on the screen of cinema. The world tells the stories of Bollywood, but she was an encyclopedia of cinema in herself. We are talking about Tabassum, whose birth anniversary is today. Let us introduce you to those things of his life, about which you would hardly have heard.

Started acting from the age of three

Born on July 9, 1944, Tabassum belonged to ‘Ram’ of reel life and the birthplace of Lord Ram in real life. Actually, both his father Ayodhyanath Sachdev and mother Asgari Begum were freedom fighters, who belonged to Ayodhya. However, Tabassum was born in Mumbai. It is claimed that when Tabassum took her first step in the world of cinema, she was just three years old. Sometimes she became ‘Chhoti Nargis’ on the big screen and sometimes she appeared as ‘Chhoti Meena Kumari’.

This was Tabassum’s real name

Please tell that Tabassum’s real name was Kiran Bala Sachdev, but keeping in mind the religious sentiments of his wife, her father named her daughter Tabassum. At the same time, keeping in mind the religious sentiments of her husband, the mother named the daughter as Kiran Bala. Please tell that Tabassum’s official name is Kiran Bala Sachdev in the papers before marriage.

Film career started like this

Tabassum started her career as a child artist (at the age of 3) in the year 1947 with the film Nargis. After this she appeared in films like ‘Majdhar’, ‘Mera Suhaag’ and ‘Badi Behan’. During 1951, she played the childhood role of Nargis in the film ‘Deedar’ directed by Nitin Bose. The hit song of this film ‘Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena’ was picturized on Tabassum.

Hosted the same show for 21 years

When the first talk show in Indian television history, Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan went on air, it was hosted by Tabassum and she performed this responsibility well till 21. Tabassum was also the editor of the magazine Grihalakshmi for 15 years. He also wrote many books on jokes. Apart from this, during the year 1985, Tabassum directed her first film ‘Tum Par Hum Kurbaan’. She herself wrote the story of this film and she was also the producer herself. Please tell that Tabassum had introduced Johnny Lever to the world for the first time as a comedian in this film.

Strong relation with TV’s ‘Ram’

Let us tell you that after leaving the world of TV, Tabassum also launched her channel on YouTube, which she named ‘Tabassum Talkies’. In the videos of this channel, she used to narrate old stories etc. from the world of cinema. It is worth noting that Tabassum married Vijay Govil, the elder brother of TV actor Arun Govil, who became famous as Ram in the serial ‘Ramayana’. Tabassum’s son Hoshang Govil has also worked in films. On the other hand, Hoshang’s daughter Khushi i.e. Tabassum’s granddaughter made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Hum Phir Miley Na Miley’.

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