Anupamaa Spoiler ALERT Maya Is Going To Die Anupamaa And Anuj Will Be Together Soon Quits Opportunity Of America Malti Devi Will Be Very Angry

Anupamaa Big Twist: A big twist is going to come in the show Anupama, along with this the current track is also going to change. In the show, Anupama can once again return to Anuj’s life by becoming his wife. Yes, that means Anupama and Anuj can be together again. Maya’s track is about to … Read more

Anupama Actress Chhavi Pandey Aka Maya Quit The Show Share Post

Anupam: In the serial Anupama these days preparations are being made for Anupama to go to America. Farewell party preparations for Anupama are in full swing. On the other hand Maya is losing her temper day by day. She is unable to tolerate the growing closeness of Anuj and Anupama. Meanwhile, news is now coming … Read more

Anupama Spoiler Alert 22 June 2023 Conspiracy Against Rupali Ganguly In The Dance Academy

Anupama Spoiler Alert: There has been a lot of uproar in the TV show ‘Anupama’ these days. On the one hand, Dimpy has created a ruckus, on the other hand, Toshu has again made a new demand. In Thursday’s episode, it will be shown that Dimpy will go to the Kapadia house for a pagfere, … Read more

Anupama Spoiler Alert Rupali Ganguly Furious On Dimpy Said Get Out Of Shah House | Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anupama got angry on the new bride, said

Anupama Spoiler Alert: The TV show ‘Anupama’ is slowly turning into a full-fledged mother-in-law-bahu drama. The fights of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are seen on the day of the show. Similar high voltage uproar will be seen in Tuesday’s episode as well. Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupama in the show, will taunt the new daughter-in-law Dimpy … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Big Connection Between Malti And Anuj Guruma Has Motive Behind Handing Over Gurukul To Anupama

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: Anu is maintaining complete focus in the show Anupama. She has decided that she will not divert her attention here and there. She will fulfill the promise made to her Guru Maa. What is the promise made by Anupama to Gurumaa? Anu had told Gurumaa that she would not do any such … Read more