Birthday Special Anupamaa Fame Chhavi Pandey Career Serials Lifestyle Family Unknown Facts | Chhavi Pandey Birthday: Chhavi has shown her style with ‘Ek Boond Ishq’, tells fans

Chhavi Pandey Unknown Facts: Maya i.e. Chhavi Pandey, who is trying to charm Anuj Kapadia in TV’s top show Anupama, is currently in headlines. Even though she conspires to break someone’s house on the small screen, she is not at all like that in real life. Actually, today is Chhavi Pandey’s birthday. Chhavi, born on … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Big Connection Between Malti And Anuj Guruma Has Motive Behind Handing Over Gurukul To Anupama

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: Anu is maintaining complete focus in the show Anupama. She has decided that she will not divert her attention here and there. She will fulfill the promise made to her Guru Maa. What is the promise made by Anupama to Gurumaa? Anu had told Gurumaa that she would not do any such … Read more