Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Kavya Hiding A Big Secret From Vanraj Malti Devi And Anupamaa Has Connection

Kavya Hiding A Big Secret In Anupamaa : शो अनुपमा में काव्या के चेहरे पर अजीब से बेचैनी और घबराहट सीआ गई है. पर सवाल ये है कि क्यों? करेंट ट्रैक में तो अनुपमा की जिंदगी में तूफान आया है ना. मालती देवी ने तो अनुपमा की लाइफ तबाह करने की कसम खाई है, तो … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 25 July 2023 Anupamaa Son Reason Behind Betrayal Her Is Shocking Malti Devi Targets Samar And Dimpy

Summer Reason Behind Betrayal Anupamaa: In the show Anupama, Malti Devi has vowed to destroy Anupama. Anupama had turned away from Guru Maa for her affection, now the same Guru Maa has returned to destroy Anupama’s affection. Son Samar snatched from Anupama? A few days back a promo from the show surfaced in which Anupama … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 23 July 2023 Samar And Dimple Joins Malti Devi Team To Ruin Anupamaa Here Are Details

Anupamaa Big Twist: A lot of twists and turns have been seen simultaneously in the show Anupama. Now Samar is about to take such a decision due to which such a situation will arise where Samar and Anupama will be face to face. Yes, Malti Devi is going to play a big trick. Nakul snatched … Read more

Anupamaa Big Twist Dimpy Goes To Media Malti Devi Sealed Samar Dance Academy

Anupamaa Twist: Anupama is a very popular show on TV. It was shown in the show in the past that Anupama had to go to America. Big shows were to happen for Malti Devi. But Anupama changes her decision at the last moment and gets off the flight. Actually, little Anu had fallen ill after … Read more

Anupamaa Makers Canceled Anupamaas Trip To America Here Is How Fans Reacting On Social Media | Anupamaa’s trip to America canceled, fans are pinching

Fans Reaction On Anupamaa Twist: Makers recently tried to make Anupama very exciting. In such a situation, the fans also showed high excitement about the show and kept more and more expectations from the show. But the makers twisted the show at the last moment in such a way that the fans were left in … Read more

Anupamaa Canceled To Go To USA At The Moment Anuj Became The Reason Shocking Malti Devi Waited On Airport

Anupamaa 12 JULY 2023 Latest Episode: The condition of little Anu is getting worse in the Anupama show. Blood has started coming out of his mouth while coughing. Seeing this, Pakhi along with Anuj and other members of the house got scared. On the other hand, Anupama has reached the airport. Anupama’s dreams are about … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 10 July 2023 Choti Anu Got Panic Attacks Anuj Does Not Want To Stop Anupama To Full Fill Her Dreams

Anupamaa NEW Twist Alert 10 July 2023: The upcoming episodes of the show Anupama are going to be very interesting. At the same time, the fans of the show are wishing that there should be no more thorns on Anupama’s path and she should fulfill her dreams as soon as possible. But here comes the … Read more

Anupamaa Will BE Stopped By Anuj To Go America MMalti Devi Will Take Revenge In A Wild Way

Anupamaa Twist 8 July: In the show Anupama, the day of Anu going to America is nearing. But then Maya died and now the responsibility of little Anu has fallen on Anupama’s head. What decision will Anupama take in such a situation? Will Anupama be able to fulfill her dream of moving to America by … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Barkha Will Get To Now About Maya Accident Anupamaa Will Got To Jail For Murder Charge Malti Devi Spoil Everything

Malti Devi Will Be Turn Into A Big Enemy Of Anupamaa : Maya has died in the Anupama show. Maya saved Anupama’s life and herself came under the truck. In such a situation, Anupama is quite disturbed. Because he is guilty that Maya has died because of him. Barkha will play a new trick, will … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Shocking Maya Passed Away In Truck Accident Anupamaa Decides To Not Go America For Choti Anu And Anuj

Anupamaa Will Leave America Dream: Maya’s shocking death is going to bring a lot of changes in the Anupama show. Anuj is now alone, Anupama will feel that Anuj needs a support the most at this time. On the other hand, there is no mother’s love in the destiny of the younger one, in such … Read more