Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 24 July 2023 Anuj Betrayal With Anupamaa Malti Devi Brahamastra Ready For War

Malti Devi Brahmastra Towards Anupamaa: In the Anupama show, Malti Devi has created such a game that Anu keeps getting trapped in it. What did Anupama come out of Guru Maa’s trap, Malti Devi has vowed to destroy her, while Nakul also tried to make Guru Maa realize that she is getting personal now, and … Read more

Anupamaa Will BE Stopped By Anuj To Go America MMalti Devi Will Take Revenge In A Wild Way

Anupamaa Twist 8 July: In the show Anupama, the day of Anu going to America is nearing. But then Maya died and now the responsibility of little Anu has fallen on Anupama’s head. What decision will Anupama take in such a situation? Will Anupama be able to fulfill her dream of moving to America by … Read more

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Big Connection Between Malti And Anuj Guruma Has Motive Behind Handing Over Gurukul To Anupama

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: Anu is maintaining complete focus in the show Anupama. She has decided that she will not divert her attention here and there. She will fulfill the promise made to her Guru Maa. What is the promise made by Anupama to Gurumaa? Anu had told Gurumaa that she would not do any such … Read more