Barsatein Spoiler Alert Reyansh Being Bad Boy Leaked Aradhana Intimate Footage Shocking

Reyansh Leaked Aradhana’s Intimate Footage: शो बरसातें दर्शकों को खूब भा रहा है. आराधना और रेयांश की जोड़ी फैंस को काफी प्रभावित कर रही है. लेकिन रेयांश ने इस बीच बड़ी गड़बड़ कर दी है. दरअसल, शो में आने वाले एपिसोड में रेयांश का दिल टूटता हुआ दिखाया जाएगा. जिसका वो आराधना से बदला लेगा. … Read more

Barsatein Spoiler Alert 26 July 2023 Reyansh Broken Heart Again Aradhana Ex Boyfriend Re Entry Is Explosive

Barsatein Big Twist 26 July 2023: कुशाल टंडन और शिवांगी जोशी के न्यू शो बरसातें को काफी अच्छा रिस्पॉन्स मिल रहा है. शो में रेयांश और अराधना की जोड़ी को काफी पसंद किया जा रहा है, जब दोनों करीब आते हैं तो फैंस के भी दिल खिल जाते हैं. लेकिन जैसे दोनों के बीच कुछ … Read more

Barsatein Spoiler Alert 24 July 2023 Aradhana And Ryesnsh Love Story Starts Twist Comes With Aru Mom Shocking Past

Aradhana And Ryesnsh Love Story Starts: Aradhana and Reyansh get their friends married together, but Reyansh is stuck in love with Aradhana. Yes, Reyansh is not aware of this in the show yet. But soon Reyansh will know about his heart. While Aradhana has already angered her parents, what will happen now when Aradhana will … Read more

Barsatein Sony Liv App TV Show Spoiler Alert Reyansh Started Loving Aradhana A New Trouble Is Coming Up

Barsatein Spoiler Alert: The show Barsaatein has started recently, along with this the fans are liking the concept of the show and the lead pair of the show. This story of Reyansh and Aradhana is full of ups and downs. These days it is being shown in the show that Reyansh Lamba has fallen in … Read more

Barsatein Sony TV Show First Impression On Audience Is Great Fans Loving Shivangi Joshi And Kushal Tandon Chemistry Haters

Barsatein TV Show First Impression: Glimpses of Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon’s show were liked by the audience. Many people have given good reviews about the show. But many people on social media are unable to digest the show Barsaatein. A post surfaced from Sony TV’s Insta wherein the audience was asked how did they … Read more