Battle of Star Campaigners in Chhattisgarh Election 2023

CG Election 2023

Chhattisgarh Election 2023: As the Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2023 draw near, both the BJP and Congress have requested time from their central leaders to conduct rallies and public gatherings, intensifying the electoral battleground. For the BJP, the reins of campaigning will be in the hands of none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Additionally, … Read more

Chhattisgarh Election 2023: BJP and Congress Clash Over Rice Procurement

As the Chhattisgarh Election 2023 draws near, the BJP and Congress are once again at odds over the issue of rice procurement. Congress has accused the BJP of not wanting to buy paddy from Chhattisgarh farmers at a rate of 20 quintals per acre. This is why, according to Congress, the Modi government has reduced … Read more