Superstar Rajnikanth Says I Feel Bad Seeing Kavya Maran Like That In TV Kalanithi Maran Should Put Good Players In SRH Team

Kavya Maran-Rajinikanth: इंडियन प्रीमियर लीग (IPL) के पिछले कुछ सीजन में सनराइजर्स हैदराबाद (SRH) टीम का प्रदर्शन देखा जाए तो वह काफी निराशाजनक देखने को मिला है. फ्रेंचाइजी ने इस दौरान कई बड़े बदलाव भी किए लेकिन इसका असर टीम के प्रदर्शन पर बिल्कुल भी देखने को नहीं मिला. स्टेडियम में हैदराबाद के मैच के दौरान … Read more

Kieron Pollard Dwayne Bravo Involved In Hilarious Banter Post MI New York Win Against Texas Super Kings In MLC 2023 Watch Video

Kieron Pollard And Dwayne Bravo Involved Hilarious Banter: मेजर लीग क्रिकेट (MLC) 2023 के दूसरे क्वालीफायर मुकाबले में एमआई न्यूयॉर्क की टीम ने टेक्सास सुपर किंग्स के खिलाफ 6 विकेट से जीत दर्ज करने के साथ फाइनल में अपनी जगह पक्की कर ली है. इस मुकाबले में एमआई न्यूयॉर्क ने अपनी पकड़ को किसी भी समय … Read more

MS Dhoni’s Wife Sakshi Gave Update About CSK Captain’s Recovery From Knee Injury Watch Viral Video

MS Dhoni’s Recovery Update: महेंद्र सिंह धोनी ने अपनी कप्तानी में चेन्नई सुपर किंग्स को आईपीएल 2023 में पांचवीं बार खिताब जितवाया था. टूर्नामेंट में धोनी ने अच्छी बल्लेबाज़ी की थी. हालांकि टूर्नामेंट में धोनी अपनी घुटने की चोट से परेशान दिखाई दिए थे. आईपीएल में ही उनके घुटने में चोट लगी थी. टूर्नामेंट खत्म … Read more

England’s Harry Brook Said IPL Is The Most Toughest For Him By Physically And Mentally

Harry Brook: इंग्लैंड के स्टार बल्लेबाज़ हैरी ब्रूक 2023 में खेले गए आईपीएल में पहली बार खेलते हुए दिखाई दिए थे. उन्हें मिनी ऑक्शन में सनराइजर्स हैदराबाद ने 13.25 करोड़ की भारी कीतम देकर खरीदा था. ब्रूक ने टूर्नामेंट में एक शतक ज़रूर लगाया था, लेकिन बाकी मैचों में वो बुरी तरह से फ्लॉप हुए … Read more

Mohammad Amir | Mohammad Amir: Mohammad Amir’s path open for IPL? Derbyshire to join with British passport

Mohammad Amir With British Passport: Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir can join Derbyshire. According to reports, after getting the British passport, Aamir can be seen playing as a local player for Derbyshire in the coming season. After the British passport, the way for Aamir to play IPL will also open. After saying goodbye to … Read more

Who Is Sai Sudarshan His Career IPL Record And How He Is Emerging As A Big Match Player Know

Sai Sudharsan Career And Records: The Emerging Asia Cup is currently being organized in Sri Lanka, in which the Indian A team has seen a great performance so far. Team India has entered the semi-finals by winning one-sided victories in all the matches of its group. In this, 21-year-old left-handed opening batsman Sai Sudarshan has … Read more

West Indies Andre Russell Ready To Sacrifice T20 Leagues For T20 World Cup 2024 Know Details

Andre Russell Confirms Playing T20 World Cup 2024: Many former veterans have expressed their concern about the bad phase the West Indies team is going through in world cricket at the moment. In the upcoming ODI World Cup to be held in India, the 2-time world champion team could not even qualify. At the same … Read more

KL Rahul Fitness Update He Will Resume Batting From This Week Indian Cricket Team

KL Rahul Fitness Update: Shreyas Iyer, Jasprit Bumrah and KL Rahul, the three important players of the Indian team, are currently working hard at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru to make themselves fully fit. KL Rahul, who has not been able to make a comeback since being ruled out due to a thigh … Read more

How Much More Is The Prize Money Of Grand Slam As Compared To Cricket World Cup And IPL Titles

Prize Money Comparison For Grand Slam And IPL Winner: There are some such events in the world of sports where the amount of money received as a winner is more than that of other tournaments. If the prize money received by the winner in the world’s prestigious tennis tournament Wimbledon is seen, it will be … Read more

Mike Hesson And Sanjay Bangar Won’t Be Part Of RCB Now Here Know Latest Sports News

Mike Hesson & Sanjay Bangar: Royal Challengers Bangalore has sacked team director Mike Hesson and coach Sanjay Bangar. However, now Royal Challengers Bangalore will choose the new director and coach. In fact, it is said that the relationship between Mike Hesson and Sanjay Bangar was excellent with senior players like Virat Kohli, but despite this … Read more