MP Election 2023: BJP Accused of False Promises in Tribal Development, Congress Takes a Stand

MP Election 2023: The BJP government, accused of making false promises in tribal development, has not established a single university in tribal areas in the past 18 years. Due to the lack of employment opportunities in schemes like MGNREGA, tribal communities continue to migrate from these regions. My grandmother, Indira Gandhi, always emphasized the need … Read more

Congress Shakes Up MP Election 2023 with OBC Reservation Bombshell!

MP Congress

MP Election 2023: After the public release of caste-based census data in Bihar, the Congress party has openly raised the issue of reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs). The OBC issue will now play a significant role in the party’s election campaign in Madhya Pradesh. The discussion is being held among voters. While ensuring 27% … Read more