72 Hoorain And Neeyat Box Office Collection Day 3 Is Very Low Know Films Sunday Collection

72 Hoorain & Neeyat BO Collection Day 3: ‘After ‘The Kerala Story’, ’72 Hooren’ also remained in many controversies before its release. Exposing the dreadful truth of terrorism and conversion, this film was released in theaters on 7th July. Although ’72 Hooren’ did not benefit from the controversies and the opening of the film was … Read more

Vidya Balan Interview | What Happened When He Was Fired From 8 Films? How To Become A Different Kind Of Detective In Neeyat? , Vidya Balan Interview

Vidya Balan told many stories of her life? What about Shabana Azmi? What about your character in Neeyat? What did Neeyat say about his new hair style? Why Vidya wanted to become Madhuri Dixit in childhood? How did you get Hum Panch TV Serial? Why did Vidya cry after going to Sai Baba’s temple? How … Read more