Prabhas Kriti Sanon Adipurush Controversy Compare With When Tv Serial Ramayan Maker Ramanand Sagar Faced Court Case For 10 Years

Ramanand Sagar Ramayan: Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s film Adipurush is engulfed in controversies at the moment. The film’s director Om Raut and dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir are constantly being criticized for their dialogues and content. At the same time, this film is being compared to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, but do you know that there was … Read more

Ramanand Sagar Ramayan Star Sunil Lahri And Prem Sagar Reviewing And Talking About Prabhas ADIPURUSH

Sunil Lahri Reacted Over Prabah’s Adipurush: A video has surfaced of Prem Sagar, son of Sunil Lahiri and Ramayan’s maker Ramanand Sagar, in which he is reacting to Prabhas’ film ‘Adipurush’. Ramanand Sagar had made the most popular TV series ‘Ramayana’ so far. Now his son Prem Sagar asked Sunil Lahiri, the star of ‘Ramayana’, … Read more

Ramanand Sagar Son Prem Sagar Blast On Prabhas Film Alleged Makers Of Adipurush Tried To Create Marvels Not Ramayan | Ramanand Sagar’s son got angry on Prabhas’s Adipurush, said

Ramanand Sagar Son Comment on Adipurush: Whenever the name of Ramayana comes to mind, only the TV series made by Ramanand Sagar comes in front of the eyes. He made this serial with so much patience and passion that till date small clips of this show are viral by youth on Instagram and other social … Read more

Prem Sagar Son Of Ramanand Sagar Reaction On Adipurush Talk On Ravana Hanuman Character | Adipurush: Prem Sagar furious over Ravana’s character in Adipurush, said

Prem Sagar Reaction On Adipurush: The process of protest against ‘Adipurush’ has increased even more after its release. Viewers are voicing their displeasure against the film for misrepresenting the characters and events of the epic ‘Ramayana’. In this episode, Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar has also expressed his displeasure. While giving an interview to a … Read more