Sana Khan And Newborn Baby Boy Received Grand Welcome Husband Gave Surprise

Sana Khan With Baby Boy: Sana Khan is in a happy space. She has become a mother some time back. She has given birth to a son on 5th July. Sana has named the son Syed Tariq Jameel. Now Sana has shared a special video on social media. Sana told that her husband gave her … Read more

Sana Khan React On Loose Postpartum Weight After Pregnancy Recent Actress Birth A Baby Boy ENT | Sana Khan reacted to reducing postpartum weight, the actress said

Sana Khan Baby: A little guest has entered the life of actress Sana Khan and her husband Maulana Anas Sayyed. That little guest is the couple’s son, who was born on July 5. In the life of any actress, the first thing that comes to the fore is to lose weight after pregnancy. But, Sana … Read more

Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Become New Parents Shares Good News With Fans Here Are Details

Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Become New Parents : Sana Khan and Anas Syed have become parents, yes. Sana Khan has a son like Chand. Sana herself shared this good news on her Instagram and gave this good news to her fans. In such a situation, Sana’s fans got very excited after hearing this good news. … Read more