Sana Khan Post Pregnancy Diet Recommended To New Mother

Sana Khan Post Pregnancy Diet: सना खान ने 5 जुलाई को बेटे को जन्म दिया था. वो इन दिनों अपनी मदरहुड जर्नी को एंजॉय कर रही हैं. अब सना ने अपनी पोस्ट प्रेग्नेंसी डायट का खुलासा किया है. उन्होंने बताया कि वो बेटे के जन्म के बाद क्या खा रही हैं.  सना ने इंस्टाग्राम पर … Read more

Sana Khan Shared Video Of Pregnancy Period Her Husband Took Care Of Actress Like This

Sana Khan Viral Video: Nowadays a video of actress Sana Khan, who decided to walk on the path of religion by leaving the glamor industry, is becoming very viral. In this video, Sana’s husband Mufti Anas Syed is seen taking great care of his wife. In the video, Anas is not only pressing Sana’s feet, … Read more

Sana Khan And Newborn Baby Boy Received Grand Welcome Husband Gave Surprise

Sana Khan With Baby Boy: Sana Khan is in a happy space. She has become a mother some time back. She has given birth to a son on 5th July. Sana has named the son Syed Tariq Jameel. Now Sana has shared a special video on social media. Sana told that her husband gave her … Read more

Sana Khan Reveals With Anas Saiyad She Is Giving Islamic Talim To Her New Born Baby Repetitively Reading Quran Shareef Ayatein

Sana Khan Is Giving Islamic Talim To Her New Born Baby: Sana Khan has recently become a mother, in such a situation there is an outpouring of happiness in the house of Sana Khan and Anas Syed. Keeping her responsibility intact, Sana Khan has started trying to give Islamic training to her child from now … Read more

Sana Khan Shared A Glimpse Of Her New Born Son Seven Days After Becoming A Mother Watch Video | Sana Khan shared a glimpse of her new born son seven days after becoming a mother, the actress wrote while showering love on the darling

Sana Khan Share New Born Son Pics: Popular actress Sana Khan, who said goodbye to showbiz forever in October 2020, has recently become the mother of a son. Sana and her husband Mufti Anas welcomed their first child on 5 July 2023. At present, the couple is enjoying parenting with their darling. At the same … Read more

Sana Khan React On Loose Postpartum Weight After Pregnancy Recent Actress Birth A Baby Boy ENT | Sana Khan reacted to reducing postpartum weight, the actress said

Sana Khan Baby: A little guest has entered the life of actress Sana Khan and her husband Maulana Anas Sayyed. That little guest is the couple’s son, who was born on July 5. In the life of any actress, the first thing that comes to the fore is to lose weight after pregnancy. But, Sana … Read more

Sana Khan Husband Anas Saiyad Named Their Son Saiyad Tarik Jamil Know The Meaning

Sana Khan Son Name: Actress Sana Khan married Surat-based businessman Maulana Anas Syed after leaving the entertainment industry in 2020. Now Sana has become a mother for the first time on 5th July. For a long time Cessna was in discussions regarding their delivery. Now when this couple has become parents for the first time, … Read more

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Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Become New Parents Shares Good News With Fans Here Are Details

Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Become New Parents : Sana Khan and Anas Syed have become parents, yes. Sana Khan has a son like Chand. Sana herself shared this good news on her Instagram and gave this good news to her fans. In such a situation, Sana’s fans got very excited after hearing this good news. … Read more

Pregnant Sana Khan Welcoming Her Husband Coming From Makkah Decorating Her Home For Anas Saiyad

Sana Khan Is Welcoming Her Husband Ana’s Return To Hajj: A new guest is going to come soon in the lives of Sana Khan and Anas Syed. In such a situation, Sana Khan is avoiding traveling. While her husband has gone to Mecca to perform Haj. During this, he was continuously connected with Sana on … Read more