Dipika Kakar Husband And Ajooni Actor Shoaib Ibrahim Revealed He Gained Weight In His Latest Vlog | Dipika Kakar के पति शोएब इब्राहिम का शेड्यूल बिगड़ने से बढ़ा वजन, ‘अजूनी’ एक्टर हुए परेशान, बोले

Shoaib Ibrahim On Gaining Weight: शोएब इब्राहिम टीवी के पॉपुलर एक्टर ने हैं. हाल ही में उन्होंने उनकी  एक्ट्रेस पत्नी दीपिका कक्क़ड़ ने एक बेटे का वेलकम किया है. ऐसे में पिछले कुछ महीनों से शोएब इब्राहिम शूटिंग, हॉस्पिल और अपने न्यू बॉर्न बेटे की टेककेयर में बिजी हैं. इसके चलते उनका पूरा शेड्यूल ही … Read more

Deepika Kakar Shoaib Ibrahim Son Ruhaan Turns One Month Old Bua Saba Plan Special Surprise | Dipika Kakar turns one month old

Dipika-Shoaib Son One Month Old: There is an atmosphere of happiness in TV’s most popular couple Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim’s house these days. In fact, on June 21, the couple became parents of a baby boy. Deepika had an emergency C-section delivery. After which his premature son was also kept in NICU for a … Read more

Dipika Kakar And Shoaib Ibrahim Revealed Their Son Name In A Unique Way With Family In Latest Vlog

Dipika-Shoaib Son Name Revealed: TV’s popular couple Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are on cloud nine after becoming parents to a premature son on 21 June. Recently, this couple has brought their beloved home after getting them discharged from the hospital. Amidst all this, Deepika and Shoaib have shared every update related to their personal … Read more

Dipika Kakar Not Discharged From The Hospital Even After A Week Of Delivery Husband Shoaib Ibrahim Revealed Reason

Dipika Not Discharged From Hospital: TV’s most popular couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar became parents of a baby boy on 21 June. Deepika has given birth to a premature baby and her child is in NICU since then. On the other hand, Shoaib Ibrahim keeps sharing updates about the health of the actress and … Read more

Shoaib Ibrahim Gave Dipika Kakar Pregnancy Scan Update In His Latest Vlog Her Delivery Date Is In July | Shoaib Ibrahim gave wife Dipika Kakar’s pregnancy scan update, said

Shoaib-Dipika: TV’s most popular couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Deepika Kakkar’s house is soon going to hear the cries of a little guest. The couple is all set to welcome their first child. Deepika’s delivery date is due in July. Amidst all this, Shoaib has shared a new update regarding Deepika’s pregnancy in his latest vlog. … Read more