Dipika Kakar Shared Her Daily Routine With Son Ruhaan In Her Latest Vlog Said Not Getting Time For Hair Wash

Dipika Kakar With Son: दीपिका कक्कड़ इन दिनों अपने न्यू बॉर्न बेटे के संग पेरेंटिंग एंजॉय कर रही हैं. एक्ट्रेस का नन्हा प्रिंस हाल ही में एक महीने का हुआ है. वहीं अब दीपिका  लंबे ब्रेक के बाद एक बार फिर से अपने व्लॉग्स की दुनिया में लौट आई हैं. इसी के साथ एक्ट्रेस ने … Read more

Shoaib Ibrahim Shares Picture With Son Ruhaan As His Show Ajooni Completes One Years | Ajooni के एक साल पूरा होने पर Shoaib Ibrahim ने बेटे रुहान को किस करते हुए शेयर की तस्वीर, लिखा

Shoaib Ibrahim Pic With Son: टीवी एक्टर शोएब इब्राहिम और दीपिका कक्कड़ इन दिनों पेरेंटहुड को एंजॉय कर रहे हैं. 21 जून को दोनों एक बेटे के माता-पिता बने हैं. दीपिका और शोएब बेटे रुहान के साथ फोटोज शेयर करते रहते हैं. शोएब ने एक स्पेशल मौके पर बेटे के साथ प्यारी सी तस्वीर शेयर … Read more

Dipika Kakar Husband And Ajooni Actor Shoaib Ibrahim Revealed He Gained Weight In His Latest Vlog | Dipika Kakar के पति शोएब इब्राहिम का शेड्यूल बिगड़ने से बढ़ा वजन, ‘अजूनी’ एक्टर हुए परेशान, बोले

Shoaib Ibrahim On Gaining Weight: शोएब इब्राहिम टीवी के पॉपुलर एक्टर ने हैं. हाल ही में उन्होंने उनकी  एक्ट्रेस पत्नी दीपिका कक्क़ड़ ने एक बेटे का वेलकम किया है. ऐसे में पिछले कुछ महीनों से शोएब इब्राहिम शूटिंग, हॉस्पिल और अपने न्यू बॉर्न बेटे की टेककेयर में बिजी हैं. इसके चलते उनका पूरा शेड्यूल ही … Read more

Shoaib Ibrahim Share Dipika Kakar Priceless Moment With New Born Son Ruhaan

Shoaib Ibrahim Share Dipika Kakar & Son Video: Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are one of the most popular couples in the TV industry. This celeb couple became parents of a premature son on 21st June. For some days Deepika-Shoaib’s Ladla was also in the NICU of the hospital. Recently, the couple brought their son … Read more

Deepika Kakar Shoaib Ibrahim Son Ruhaan Turns One Month Old Bua Saba Plan Special Surprise | Dipika Kakar turns one month old

Dipika-Shoaib Son One Month Old: There is an atmosphere of happiness in TV’s most popular couple Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim’s house these days. In fact, on June 21, the couple became parents of a baby boy. Deepika had an emergency C-section delivery. After which his premature son was also kept in NICU for a … Read more

Dipika Kakar Shoaib Ibrahim Shares First Photo Of Their Son Ruhaan Viral On Social Media

Dipika Kakar-Shoaib Ibrahim Son Photo: TV actors Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are living the life of parenthood these days. Both recently revealed that they have named the little guest Ruhaan. Today it has been a month since Ruhaan came into this world. On June 21, Deepika gave birth to a son and today Deepika … Read more

Dipika Kakar Shared Importance Of Wearing Maternity Belt After Delivery In Her Latest Vlog

Dipika Kakar On Her Postpartum Health: Dipika Kakar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim became parents of a son on 21 June. At present, the most popular couple of TV is enjoying parenting with their little Prince Ruhaan. The actress had an emergency C-section delivery, and gave birth to a premature son. After which his New … Read more

DIpika Kakar Revealed Her Reaction After Her First Meeting With Shah Rukh Khan In Mannat | When Dipika Kakar met Shah Rukh Khan for the first time in ‘Mannat’, how was the actress meeting King Khan? said

Dipika Kakar meeting with SRK: Deepika Kakkar is one of the most popular actresses of TV and she has played a variety of characters in TV shows. She started her career as an airhostess but due to health problems she had to leave this job. However, Deepika’s fate had something else in store for her … Read more

Shoaib Ibrahim Ajooni Set On Panic Mode Leopard Attacked On Dog 300 People Lives At Risk

Leopard Attacked On Shoaib Ibrahim’s Ajooni Set: At that time everyone was busy shooting on the sets of Shoaib Ibrahim’s show Ajuni. Then suddenly there was an uproar. It was learned that the leopard has attacked the set. Everyone was shocked by this news. Now the All India Cine Workers Association also made an important … Read more

Dipika Kakar Sister In Law Saba Ibrahim Husband Sings Song Dagabaaz Ho Tum Video Viral | Dipika Kakar’s sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim is angry with her husband? Speak

Saba Ibrahim Video: TV actress Dipika Kakar is enjoying motherhood these days. Deepika has recently become the mother of a son and is spending time with the family. Her husband Shoaib and sister-in-law Saba keep giving information about Deepika and Baby through social media. Saba is a YouTuber and keeps sharing vlogs every day. After … Read more