Bollywood Real Life Father Son Duos In Films Like Amitabh Bachchan Abhishek Bachchan Dharmendra Sunny Deol Bobby Deol Unknown Facts

Bollywood Celebs: In many Bollywood films, father-son of real life have been seen playing characters together in reel life. The surprising thing is that some of these papa-beta were seen again and again on the silver screen, but there were some whose pair did not reunite on the silver screen. Let’s know in which films … Read more

Kamaal R Khan Aka Krk Reaction Sunny Deol Gadar 2 Flop Promotion The Kapil Sharma Show

KRK On Gadar2: Kamal R Khan aka KRK often reviews films and there is a lot of uproar about his reviews. KRK does not hesitate to talk about the film industry. Whatever is in their mind is what is on their tongue. However, for this reason they also come into controversies. Now he has reacted … Read more