Uorfi Javed Painful Journey Of Getting Lip Fillers Shared Photos Of Herself

Uorfi Javed Lip Filler Journey: Actress Urfi Javed does not leave any chance to surprise the fans with her unusual looks. Recently, he had told how his face was damaged due to under eye filler. Now Urfi has shared her painful lip filler journey. Along with this, he has also shared many shocking pics. Urfi’s … Read more

Uorfi Javed Under Eye Filler Lip Filler Horribly Gone Wrong Actress Shared Weird Face Photo On Instagram

Uorfi Javed Under Eye Filler: Famous for her weird fashion, Urfi Javed’s face has gone bad! We are not saying this, Urfi himself has given information about this on social media and has also expressed anger as to why he tampered with his face. In fact, apart from her clothes, the actress is trolled a … Read more

Uorfi Javed Got Lip Fillers Done Shared Picture Of Swollen Lips

Uorfi Javed Lips Filler: Urfi Javed is known for her unusual fashion. She keeps on experimenting with her dresses due to which she always remains a part of headlines. Sometimes because of her hairstyle, sometimes because of her clothes, Urfi keeps getting trolled. But it doesn’t matter to them. Ignoring the trolls, she keeps focusing … Read more