Urfi Javed’s Devilish Transformation Leaves Fans Stunned – Must-See Video!

Urfi Javed, a popular personality on social media, has recently posted a video in which she has adopted a makeup look that appears to be inspired by a demon or an evil character. She has used makeup and styling techniques to transform herself into what looks like a demonic doll. In the caption of the … Read more

Uorfi Javed Harassed By Men On A Flight Actress Reaction | Uorfi Javed संग फ्लाइट में हुई थी छेड़खानी, एक्ट्रेस बोलीं

Uorfi Javed News: एक्ट्रेस उर्फी जावेद अक्सर विवादों में रहती हैं. अपने अतरंगी फैशन स्टेटमेंट के चलते वो ट्रोलिंग का शिकार हो जाती हैं. हालांकि, इस बार जब उर्फी जावेद गोवा जा रही थीं तो उनके साथ कुछ लड़कों ने कथित तौर पर मिसबिहेव किया. इसकी वजह से उर्फी काफी नाराज हो गई थीं. उर्फी … Read more

Uorfi Javed Painful Journey Of Getting Lip Fillers Shared Photos Of Herself

Uorfi Javed Lip Filler Journey: Actress Urfi Javed does not leave any chance to surprise the fans with her unusual looks. Recently, he had told how his face was damaged due to under eye filler. Now Urfi has shared her painful lip filler journey. Along with this, he has also shared many shocking pics. Urfi’s … Read more

Uorfi Javed Share New Post In Bikini And Gajra On Instagram Video Gone Viral | Uorfi Javed wearing green bikini and gajra on pink hair got trolled, people said

Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed keeps surprising people with her looks all the time. Now recently again it was seen like this. Actually Urfi has gone to Goa for the holidays. From there she is sharing her pictures everyday. Recently again he shared a video. In which everyone was surprised to see his look. This … Read more

Uorfi Javed Bullied By A Gang Of Boys On Mumbai To Goa Flight In Economy Class

Uorfi Javed Harassed: Although Urfi Javed is known for her looks, but this time something happened to her which surprised everyone. Actually Urfi was going from Mumbai to Goa, during this time a group of boys misbehaved with her in the flight. Urfi himself shared the information about this incident on his social media account. … Read more

Uorfi Javed Reaction To Manipur Violence Says What Happened In Manipur Was Shameful | Uorfi Javed Reaction: Urfi Javed’s anger erupted over the embarrassing incident in Manipur, said

Uorfi Javed Manipur Violence: The video of women being paraded naked in Manipur is going viral on social media. People are getting angry after watching this video. Social media people are giving their feedback. Bollywood celebs have also expressed anger over this embarrassing video. Reaction of many celebs from Akshay Kumar to Urfi Javed has … Read more

Uorfi Javed New Look Tomato Earrings Viral Pics | Uorfi Javed’s new look, earrings made of tomatoes, said

Uorfi Javed Tomato Earrings: The looks of social media sensation Urfi Javed often go viral. Urfi does not leave any chance to surprise the fans with her looks. Urfi knows very well how to stay in the limelight. She also creates looks from things used in daily life. Now this time Urfi has created her … Read more

Uorfi Javed Under Eye Filler Lip Filler Horribly Gone Wrong Actress Shared Weird Face Photo On Instagram

Uorfi Javed Under Eye Filler: Famous for her weird fashion, Urfi Javed’s face has gone bad! We are not saying this, Urfi himself has given information about this on social media and has also expressed anger as to why he tampered with his face. In fact, apart from her clothes, the actress is trolled a … Read more

Uorfi Javed Hide Her Face From Paparazzi In No Makeup Look Video Went Viral

Uorfi Javed Viral Video: A video of Urfi Javed, who remains in discussion about her fashion sense, is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which she is seen in no makeup look. In the video, Urfi is seen hiding her face from paparazzi. Now his fans are giving different reactions on this video. Urfi … Read more

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