Terror of Gajraj VIDEO: Elephant separated from the herd, knocked in the settlement, forest department advised people to stay away

Purushottam Patra, Gariyaband. Odisha A small elephant separated from a herd of 7 elephants roaming in Kalahandi entered Devbhog Nagar on Thursday. Last night this elephant was in Usripani village. This morning the elephant crossed Tel river from Dahigaon and reached Devbhog. Here he stayed for hours on the side of the bushes behind Kevat Para. Then it remained present for hours at the other end of the river in Dahigaon area.

Crowds of people started gathering in the streets to see the elephant. The elephant has also been seen getting angry due to the cries of the people. But the way the crowd of people is trying to go near the elephant in an unsafe way, the apprehension of any untoward incident is being expressed. Devbhog Ranger Chabilal Dhruv said that information has been received. Keeping an eye on. It is being told to stay away from elephants.

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