The arbitrariness of the contractor engaged in the construction of minor drain, a pile of mud and mud was planted in the field, the food providers are asking – ‘How to do agricultural work…’

Laxmikant Bansod, Balod. As soon as the monsoon knocks, the Annadata farmers get busy in their agricultural work. But in Balod district, the contractor engaged in the construction of minor drain has piled mud and mud in the fields, which has become a cause of trouble for the farmers. Distressed farmers have warned to complain to the collector if the heap is not removed soon.

A 2.5 km minor canal is being constructed by spending crores of rupees from Andibahara dam of Khurshitikur, a dependent village of Limaudihi Gram Panchayat located in Daundi development block of Balod district, for irrigation of farmers’ fields. With this construction, water can be irrigated on the agricultural land of hundreds of farmers. But the contractor engaged in the construction work has left the soil and Murum extracted from the canal as heaps at various places in the fields.

Now with the onset of monsoon, when it is time for farming, this pile of mud and mud has become a problem for the farmers. Farmers say that in such a situation how will we be able to do agriculture work.

Krishna Kumar Bhandari, a farmer of village Khurshitikur, told that soil has been poured at various places in his field. We were happy to see the work of canal lining being done that our fields would get water from this canal, but leave aside the water, mud-murum has been dug up and dumped in our fields. Now how can we do the work of farming.

Gram Panchayat Limaudihi Sarpanch Sukhdev Ram Pisda told that the contractor had stopped the canal lining work before Holi. We were thinking that the contractor would remove the debris from our fields in the summer, but till today the pipes are lying in our fields along with mud and mud. Some of the villagers are forced to take up the soil of the fields with their own money or by taking loans. But neither the department is worried about this, nor the contractor.

Water Resources Department – ​​SK Gaur, SDO of Daundi, says that even after speaking several times, the contractor has not removed the mitti-murum. Talked again two days ago. The contractor has said that it will be removed in 10-15 days. Now it has to be seen how long the contractors are able to implement the officer’s words, and when the problems of the farmers end.

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