The Burning Bus: A sudden fire broke out in a bus full of passengers, passengers saved their lives by jumping in the midst of chaos, watch the video…

Bilaigarh. A sudden fire broke out in a bus going from Basna to Allahabad this afternoon near Kundri village of Bilaigarh police station area. In the midst of chaos, passengers jumped from the bus and saved their lives.

Bilaigarh police station in-charge Vijay Chaudhary told that the passenger bus was going from Basna to Allahabad. Meanwhile, the bus caught fire. All the passengers aboard the bus are safe. The bus has completely burnt to ashes. The cause of the fire in the bus is not yet known.

The fire in the bus was so terrible that people did not get a chance to extinguish it, due to which it was completely burnt to ashes. Due to non-availability of fire brigade to extinguish the fire in the bus, resentment was seen among the people.

Watch the video –

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