The indecent Adipurush filmmaker hanged the effigy of the writer, the Congress leader said – the film Adipurush is an insult to Sanatan Shri Ram

Raipur. Since its release, with the launch of the trailer of Adipurush, this film has come into controversy. Even after that, the producer director of the film released such an unlimited film without any change while insulting the religious sentiments of the people of the country. Because of which there is anger in the entire Sanatani society. There is protest everywhere. In this episode, slogans were raised by hanging the effigy of the filmmaker and writer in the capital as well. Along with this, Congress leader Vinod Tiwari also strongly criticized this film.

Congress leader Vinod Tiwari said, in the film Adipurush, all the characters including Lord Shri Ram, Veer Hanuman, Ravana Meghnath are grossly insulted. At the same time, by presenting a levelless dialogue, they have insulted crores of those who believe in Sanatan. This is an insult to faith. It is an insult to the whole country. Those who celebrate Lord Shri Ram are insulted.

Congress leader Vinod Tiwari said that protests are going on across the country regarding this film which is facing constant controversy and opposition. Mainly due to the dialogues of the film, the public is not in favor of allowing the film to run at all. There is fierce opposition to this film on social media as well. No one is raising a single voice in support for this film. People have outright rejected the unlimited Ramayana of directors Om Raut and Manoj Muntashir.

Vinod Tiwari told that, today at 6 pm, the effigies of film’s producers Om Raut and Manoj Shukla were hanged at the protest site located in Raipur Budha Talab. Along with this, slogans were raised against the film producer, writer and the Central Government.

Vinod Tiwari said, in the film, Maryada Purushottam has joked with Shri Ram ji and with the basic spirit of Ramayana. Mother Sita ji has been insulted. It is highly objectionable to display Mata Sita wearing a low cut blouse and low waist saree in the film. The form of Veer Hanuman ji’s dress has been changed and such words have been used, which are of a very low level. For which the people of the country will never forgive the producer of the film. The great scholar Ravana Meghnath has also been insulted. Under what conspiracy such a film has been made. What will be the effect of this on the coming generations.

He further said, Mawali language has been used in Hanuman ji’s dialogue. Your father’s cloth, your father’s oil, your father’s fire, your father’s will also burn, what is your aunt’s garden, Meghnath’s whole body is tattooed, salutations are done in Sanatan. In the film, greeting is shown by placing hand on the chest. Lanka has been shown black. Showing bats along with Ravana is beyond comprehension.

Vinod Tiwari further said that, where are the so-called devotees of Ram, who ask for votes in the name of Shri Ram, hiding today. Why this unlimited film has not been banned till now. While there is a BJP government at the center. Censor board is under Modi ji. Its protest has been going on since Taylor’s release. Even then why did the central government keep silence. Has Modi ji given his tacit consent in this act of insulting Lord Shri Ram?

Vinod Tiwari said that Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will be demanded to ban this unlimited film. At the same time, it has also been talked about legal action against those who spoil the environment by insulting Sanatan by inciting religious sentiments. Vinod Tiwari, Ram Chakradhari, Bittu Sharma, Chandan Vishwas, Rajesh Tandon, Sagar Baghmare, Sartaj Raza, Vikas Tiwari, Deep Sinha, Amit Pandey, Shahid Khan etc. joined those who registered protest today.

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