The Kapil Sharma Show Sakeena Comes With Tara Singh To Meet Kapil Sharma Here Is Why Sunny Deol Reached In Set On Truck

Gadar 2 Star Sunny Deol And Ameesha Patel In The Kapil Sharma Show: Sakina and Tara Singh are coming to create rebellion in the audience’s favorite show The Kapil Sharma Show. Yes, Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel are coming to meet Kapil. During this, there is going to be a lot of fanfare. A new promo of Kapil’s show has surfaced, in which there will be a banging entry of Sunny Deol, who came as Tara Singh inside the show. While Ameesha Patel will be seen flirting with Kapil Sharma!

Sunny Deol brought truck along with Tara Singh’s getup on Kapil’s show?

In the promo of the show that has surfaced, Sunny Deol is seen in Tara Singh’s getup. Fans have become equally excited seeing Sunny Deol in this look. During this, Kapil asked Sunny Deol whether he has come in his car today or has he brought Tara Singh’s truck along? Sunny Deol gave a very funny answer to this question of Kapil.

Sunny Deol gave a funny reply to Kapil Sharma

Kapil will be seen saying in the show – For a few days, we are seeing that wherever Paaji is going, he is going in Tara Singh’s getup. Archana ji was asking, have you come today in your car or have you brought a truck? On this, Sunny Deol said in response- ‘I thought that if I had to take them along, then the truck would be fine.’ Archana Puran Singh laughs out loud after hearing this.

‘Sakina’ said this to Kapil, Ameesha Patel flirting?

Kapil shared an anecdote in which he told Ameesha that- Ameesha ji, when you were shooting in Amritsar, Amrish Puri sahab was standing and you were standing together. So I lightly tapped his shoulder. So he looked back – hey who? So I said folded hands. On this, Ameesha would say- Well, what would have happened if you had taped me? On this Kapil said – No, I could not have done so much audacity. Amisha laughed hearing this.

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