The Kerala Story Is Not Getting A Good OTT Deal Director Sudipto Sen Said Getting Punished Adah Sharma Yogita Bihani Sonia Balani Siddhi Idnani | The Kerala Story is not getting a good OTT deal, says director Sudipto Sen

The Kerala Story struggles: After Pathan, this year’s second biggest superhit film has been ‘The Kerala Story’. While this film had to face controversies from one side of the society, the other side of the society liked the film a lot. Apart from all this, the film proved to be a super hit and the film, which ran in theaters for five weeks, also earned a good amount. Director Sudipto Sen had told before its release that the film tells the story of some women from Kerala who were forced to convert to Islam and then join ISIS. Now the makers of this film are preparing to bring the film on OTT. However, Sudipto Sen is very disappointed for not getting a good deal on OTT.

A section of the industry is unhappy with the film’s success – Sudipto Sen
According to the report of Bollywood Life, Sudipto Sen himself has told that he is not getting a good deal from OTT for the film. Troubled by this, Sudipto Sen has said that he feels that a section of the industry wants to punish him for his success. He feels that the success of Kerala’s story has upset many people. At the same time, news has also come to the fore that OTT platforms want such films which are entertaining and creative. The Kerala story has come out as a propaganda. Apart from this, a certain section of the audience is also very angry with this film.

The film is against terrorism – Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma, who played the lead role in the film, said about the film that she is grateful that the film is earning so well. He said that running a film in theaters for five weeks after the lockdown seemed like a dream to him and he is very grateful. Adah also said that this film is against terrorism. Not against any particular community. At the same time, Vivek Agnihotri, the director of The Kerala Story, had also given a statement that if this film does well then he may have to face the consequences.

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