The minister will contest three more elections: Said from the stage – Guru’s order to contest elections and keep doing good to the public, has been MLA for 8 times

Dinesh Sharma, Sagar. Gopal Bhargava, Minister of Public Works Department in Madhya Pradesh Government and BJP MLA from Rahli, has spoken of contesting three more elections. He said, Guru’s order is Gopal, you have to fight three more elections and serve the public. No one keeps doing bad things to you, you do not have to do bad things and condemn anyone.

In fact, recently the state’s PWD minister Gopal Bhargava had come to participate in the Bhoomi Poojan program of the road in village Patai of his assembly Rahli. During this, while addressing from the stage, he said that three more elections have to be fought, it is the order of the Guru and we have to move forward, keep fighting the elections, do good and welfare of the people. Do not criticize or do evil to anyone, no matter how much evil, condemnation, criticism someone keeps working against you, still do not condemn him.

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At the same time, speculations were being made since last days that this time his son Abhishek Bhargava may contest the election in place of PWD Minister Gopal Bhargava, but after the minister’s statement from the dais, all the speculations seem to have come to an end.

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Political journey of Gopal Bhargava

Gopal Bhargava is an eight-time MLA from Rehli assembly constituency in Sagar district. He was sworn in as a cabinet minister on July 2, 2020, for his sixth term. Which is the highest number of terms served by any minister in the government. He has also been the Leader of the Opposition in the 15th Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Gopal Bhargava is the only person who has served as a cabinet minister for 15 consecutive years in the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

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