The mystery behind the ‘Search’, ‘Unlock’ and ‘Download’ buttons in the dustbins finally solved…

Indore. For the past few days, huge buttons labeled ‘Unlock’, ‘Download’ and ‘Search’ were being seen kept in dustbins across the country, the mystery of which was getting deeper day by day. Recently smart lock screen platform Glance has posted a video on social media channels, which has finally exposed this mystery.

Glance for Smart Lock Screen has recently posted pictures and videos of some people in this video posted on social media channels, in which they are seen dumping these buttons. This video shows that now users do not need to unlock their phones to access various content on the internet and search and download it.

“Get everything you love from the latest trends and sports updates to shopping over 500 games and fashion right on your Glance smart lock screen,” the Bengaluru-based unicorn start-up company posted on Twitter along with the video.

Last week, huge buttons labeled ‘Search’, ‘Unlock’ and ‘Download’ were found in various dustbins in Indore city, unknown to almost everyone. These buttons were seen at prominent places like Palasia, Raj Mohalla Circle near Press Club and Vijay Nagar Square. These buttons were not just limited to Indore, but were also seen in Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, Chennai and many other cities and towns across the country.

This mystery as such left a wave of widespread curiosity across the country, after which a large number of people were seen discussing social media and expressing their views on its use. Thousands of people posted these images on Twitter and sparked discussions on topics such as digital detoxification and digital progress with the hashtags #mysterybuttons and #buttonsdiscovered.

Amrish Kumar tweeted, “Last week I was shocked to see huge buttons labeled ‘Download’, ‘Search’ and ‘Unlock’ lying like garbage in India’s cleanest city #Indore… I guessed a lot, but found out today that this initiative was taken by @glancescreen Smart Lock Screen, in which they wanted to tell people the reason for discarding these functions.”

Glance is a unicorn (start-up with a valuation of over US$100 million) technology company, based in Bengaluru. Glance is best known for its smart lock screen platform, which is available across most of the leading Android smartphone brands in the country. Presently Glance Lock Screen has an installed user base of over 450 million across India and South East Asia. The company aims to establish its reach in many other regions including the United States.

In a LinkedIn post with SimplySmart, Vikas Chaudhary, Chief Marketing Officer, Glance said, “The human spirit is indomitable, something you can never suppress and one that is always eager to innovate. Our smartphones have been our trusted companions in this unprecedented pursuit, helping us move forward, get things done and spark new ideas. But in this fast-paced world, we are constantly bombarded with information.

However, searching for information, downloading apps, switching between apps and scrolling through feeds can get tiring at times. With Glance Smart Lock Screen, we can expect more from less. Everything we want is available to us on our lock screen, rather than having to search for it ourselves. We don’t need to waste any time searching for information, making multiple downloads or even unlocking our smartphones. We just need to glance.”

Glance is not an app that needs to be downloaded, rather it is a feature that is already integrated into the operating system (OS) of major smartphone brands. It acts as a single gateway to customized content based on users’ interests and preferences, available in regional languages ​​such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali. Glance can be activated only with the consent of the user.

Users can stay updated, discover trending content, play over 400 games, live stream exciting game tournaments, shop products, and tune in to live shows from over 500 creators without ever unlocking their phone. This list does not end here, it includes many more. It is like having a personalized content feed at the user’s fingertips, ready to entertain and provide relevant information to a user whenever he or she needs it.

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