The only Shiva temple in the world, where the sanctum sanctorum

SHIV KA SAWAN SPECIAL: Rohit Kashyap, Mungeli. Chhattisgarh is known for its traditions… thousands of deities reside here. There are thousands of temples, but in all these there is one such temple, about which you have neither seen nor heard anywhere. This temple is not even famous in any way so far, but if the government and administration look at it, it will not take much time to become famous. According to experts, this ancient temple is not only in India but also the only temple in the world, which is based on Lord Shiva.

What is the history and mystery of the temple

Please tell that this unique temple of Lord Shiva is situated in a village named Narayanpur, just 12 km away from Mungeli district headquarters, what is the history and mystery of the temple. See the scene of this ancient temple of Lord Shiva on the month of Sawan and its supposed secrets.

You’ve probably never heard or seen

The holy month of Sawan is going on. Although all days are special in the month of Sawan, but Monday has a different significance. In the month of Sawan, a crowd of devotees is seen in all the temples to worship Lord Shiva. In Chhattisgarh too, all the temples are visited by devotees, but we will tell you about such a temple in the month of Sawan, about which you might have never heard or seen.

the only temple in the world

Even though this is the only temple in the world, but because of this temple not getting any kind of fame, only the people around here and those who have faith in this temple. Only they reach for worship. This ancient temple is situated on the banks of a pond in Narayanpur village, just 12 kilometers from Mungeli district headquarters of Chhattisgarh. This is a temple based on Lord Shiva. No one is clear about when and who built this temple.

was built in the 6th century

The villagers told that this temple was built by the contemporary Nagvanshi kings of Ratanpur and Bhoramdev on the same belief that their forefathers told them, in the 6th month of the Dwapar era from the 6th century to the 10th century. This temple is said to be thousands of years old. The texture of this temple is also quite unique and amazing. This temple, built on the bund of the oldest pond of the village, creates a story in itself, because the ancient temple was built accidentally on the bund of the pond.

idols of gods and goddesses

Chosen soil and vine juice have been used in the construction of this temple. This is the reason why even today this temple is standing strong. The idols of many gods and goddesses made by handicrafts in the outer walls of the temple display the beauty of the temple. At the same time, the gavaksha (window) made in the temple also makes it clear that such a temple is rarely seen in ancient temples. At the same time, an idol made of a flamingo is seen circling around the temple.

went naked in the night to place the urn

The villagers say that a young man went naked in this temple to put the urn in the night, then the young man’s sister saw him in a naked condition, on which she died because of modesty. After that there was a big Peepal tree, which used to shade the temple. Later this tree fell and got destroyed, which was also seen by the elders.

3 years old Shivling and Nandi

This is the reason why after that the urn could never be installed on this temple. Wherein, when you enter the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, then you will see 3 years old Shivling and Nandi. At the same time, just above it, many gods and goddesses have been depicted with handicrafts.

Mithun sculptures on the walls in the sanctum sanctorum

After all, why this temple is the only temple in the world, we tell you that you must have seen many temples in the world. Even in the temple of Khajuraho and Bhoramdev, where you get to see Mithun idols on the outer walls of the temple, but in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple itself, Mithun idols on the inside walls attract towards you.

Sounds like utensils falling, ghungroo, snake hissing

This is the reason why this is the only temple not only in India but in the world, where Mithun idols have been depicted in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Going to the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, you will hear many types of sounds including utensils falling, ghungroo, snake hissing, but from where and how these sounds come, it still remains a mystery.

Chaupar was built just above the temple.

Chaupar is built just above this temple. Where people worship and entertain themselves. When the people around here come here with their wishes, they are fulfilled by Lord Bholenath. This is the reason why the crowd of devotees is continuously increasing here.

Tehsildar Ram Vijay Sharma discovered

People came to know the secret of this ancient temple of Lord Shiva when the then Tehsildar of Mungeli Ram Vijay Sharma discovered the Mithun idols made here. Ramvijay Sharma is also an archaeologist and historian.

He told that this is the only temple not of India, but of the world, whose sanctum sanctorum has depiction of Mithun idols. In 2016, when Ram Vijay Sharma, associated with doctorate in history and archaeology, was Mungeli tehsildar, when he was going from outside to visit this temple after having food from the residence of district member Shivkumar Banjara, when he insisted to visit the sanctum sanctorum, when he went inside and saw the view there, he was stunned to see such amazing views.

What was the reason for making the idol?

He was associated with archeology and was about to do PhD in history, so he immediately told that such a temple is a unique temple not only in India but in the world, in which the idols of Mithun are depicted in the sanctum sanctorum. Considering this, he told that when the temple was being built, the ruler who built it must have depicted these idols with the intention that at that time people used to leave their homes, family, wife and children, then the king must have thought how to save the kingdom from being destroyed in such a situation, then in this way, Mithun idols must have been handcrafted in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Why were such idols made?

He said that they must have thought that people would come to worship in the temple, then seeing the depiction of these Mithun idols, they would be attracted to the thought of their wife, so that the thought of leaving their wives would go away.

When information about this temple was given to the officials of archeology by the then Tehsildar, then he came to this temple and told that it is really wonderful and the only temple. The then Tehsildar tells that in this temple, it was told about the depiction of Mithun that how much contribution is there in the lives of wives. Keeping this in mind, a proposal has been given to the administration to organize a 3-day “wife worship” fair at the temple, so that this worship will be known all over India and the world.

Fought elections after taking the blessings of Lord Shiva

On the other hand, people who have faith in this temple believe that Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes they come with. Shivkumar Banjare, district member of this area, has been a district member since 1999, who says that he has been coming from this temple for years and whenever he goes to file his nomination in the elections, he contests elections from here taking the blessings of Lord Shiva and has also got success. At the same time, he has demanded that the Archaeological Department and the administration need to pay attention to preserve it.

What did Collector Rahul Dev say?

When Mungeli Collector Rahul Dev came to visit this temple, seeing the wonderful scene, he honored the then Tehsildar Ram Vijay Sharma, who discovered it. Along with this, he told that a lot of publicity is needed for the fame of this temple. At the same time, the administration will make every possible effort to preserve this heritage through public cooperation.

could not be protected by negligence

However, even though this temple is the only temple in the world and is one of the rare heritage sites of Mungeli district, it has not yet been taken care of by the Archaeological Department and the officials, due to which the fame that this temple should get has not been achieved due to the carelessness of the officials. On the other hand, if the Archaeological Department takes cognizance of this and pays attention to it, then many secrets which are buried, will be revealed. Mungeli has been identified with Achanakmar, Khudia, Madku, but soon the name of this temple will be written in golden letters.

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