The picture is still pending in Congress..!

Vaibhav Bemetariha

Raipur . What are you thinking? Everything is settled, whatever happened is enough. No, my friend, the picture is still pending in Congress. Congress issues are not easily resolved. It takes time to deal with each other. Then it is election season. There will be a period of political upheaval. Some will get promotion, some will get demotion. There is one expert player in this game inside the Congress. He also showed his full power, which everyone considered clumsy. Ever since assuming the responsibility of the head of the organization, he has been increasing his strength. Have been running on their own will on many occasions. Leaving Chhattisgarh, he has been running till Delhi. The party has been making inroads till the high command.

This is the reason that even after the displeasure of the government, the organization continued on many occasions. The matter was listened to, accepted as well. But it is not that everything has gone well and the problem has not gone away. Trouble is happening. There has been a ban on the decisions taken without suggestions. Many times the brakes have also been imposed on arbitrariness. The head of the organization had to take reverse gear by controlling the speed. This time also such a situation has arisen. It is another matter that the vehicle is still standing at the stoppage.

Actually, the issue is of running the organization according to one’s own way and not being able to take the authority into confidence. The height of two is to increase and the height of one is to decrease. That’s why it got spoiled even before it started. When the information came at a higher level, the state in-charge was shocked. In a hurry, instructions were given to ban the order of PCC. It is another matter that the instructions were not immediately followed. The matter has just ended by going to the review. This is the reason why PCC has not yet told that the appointments have been cancelled?

The changes that have taken place in the PCC remain unchanged till further orders. The picture is still pending in Congress, friend, this is true. In front of this truth, probably a lot is going on inside the party. After knowing, they tell that now a solution is emerging from Delhi. But in what form the solution is emerging, everyone is waiting for it. Is the organization ready for major change?

By the way, there is a lot of discussion on rumors in political circles. Things often turn out to be big, which seem small. So keep an eye on small political things, profit-loss, profit-loss-loss in the election year. Who ? Where ? How ? How beneficial? Everyone will slowly come to know where is this enough? The picture is still pending in the Congress.

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