The problem of eye flu increased with the rain, queues of patients started in hospitals, know what advice doctors are giving…

Abhishek Semar, Takhatpur. The effect of the change in the weather is being seen on common people in the form of eye flu. The number of patients coming to the hospitals in Bilaspur and Takhatpur for eye problems has increased significantly since last week.

For the last one week in Bilaspur-Takhatpur, people are reaching private and government hospitals with problems of burning, itching, redness, mud, pain and swelling in the eyes. Along with this, the demand for eye drops has also increased a lot these days. People are leaving the house wearing glasses in their eyes before leaving, and those who have flu infection in their eyes, people are also advising them to wear glasses.

people started making distances

Seeing the havoc of sudden eye flu, people have become hypersensitive. Along with this, people have also started making social distances. However, to get rid of the problem of the eyes, along with wearing glasses, people are washing the eyes repeatedly with cold water and putting eye drops. Doctors are also appealing to take precautions to avoid eye flu infection.

wash your eyes with cold water

Dr. Rajkiran Sharma of Community Health Center, Takhatpur said that eye flu is an infection that spreads easily from one person to another. To avoid this infection, use spectacles continuously and keep cleaning the eye with cold water. Also, go to your nearest health center and use eye drops with the advice of a doctor. Along with this, avoid getting infected by not using the clothes used by a person infected with eye flu.

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